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I’m on my last month of bein the maricopa county’s work furlough program.  I’m STOKED! and gettin a lil impatient… but i know that i was specifically given 5 months for a reason, so i’m not ready to be done juuust quite yet.  There’s been a few circumstancial changes over these past 4 months and I’d say they’re all good changes. Im happy. P.K. is no longer drivin for me.. He’s upgraded to a new job near his home and I believe he’s gonna step it up big time for his home stretch these last few months. I’m happy for him.  Mook, well, i couldn’t be happier to have him pushin forward wit me. He’s stepped it up BIG TIIIME YO!. Im gonna be doin a lot in the near future. Zy, Lani, Aaron, and I are taking thurough steps forward building the POPNATION brand. is on its way soon I promise. (#shoutout to Alex) I thought i was gonna take it easy this month but…. FUUUCK  that! lol.. might as well #GET-IT-INN.. I appreciate anybody who’s shown any  support thus far and I still thank those who haven’t.

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