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A Tough Question To Answer…

I have a friend who I’ve spoken much with and confided in about beginning to start this company.  Told him about the concept, what I’ve been doing to begin the process, and even some of the content I’ve put in thus far. The conversations began to lead nowhere when I stressed over all the possibilities that can take place. All the things that can go wrong… and all the things that can go right. Then, he asked me a simple question with the toughest answer:

—-“What is it that YOU want?”

I couldn’t provide an immediate answer. And i couldn’t sleep until I came up with the most detailed answer possible.

I want for nothing.  But I will work for everything.  I pray for direction and will commit to doing the pedaling.  I will work to become an outlet for those around me to succeed at what they do best. I will work to get a group of people around me. No more than 10. People willing to work and not want.  People who are willing to try even after they’ve failed.  Creative people, who are willing to help those around them realize their worth and creativity.  And we move forward. Learning from each other. Making gains big and small… establishing independence…and support.  What ever comes along with this, i will gladly accept and cherish. Be it good, bad, beautiful, or ugly.

So the question is: WHAT DO YOU WANT?

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