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BETTER… is the only word that comes to mind

I’ve been working non-stop tattoo-wise. P.K. n i have been rollin together everyday n makin sure i am as efficient as possible.. he’s my closest homie at this time and i’m glad how things have come to pass.  I currently have a few things baking in the oven. My official fully functional website MARTINEZINKRAFT.COM is being built by my boy Alex and we are taking our time collaborating on its functionality to make sure its top-notch.. CANT WAIT TO SHOW YOU GUYS!!! but it takes time and Alex is doing most of the work so i’m getting as much work in as possible in the meantime. I’ve never had so much tattoo work to do so.. I feel like I’m reaching a new level clientele-wise.  with that in mind, i know i need to get better…. a lot better… and not in just tattooing, by any means. BETTER. That word is prominently stamping itself in my mind.

I want to sprint through February. March is my last month in jail so i think I’m going to go a slight bit easier on my tattoo volume.  I want to really focus to better my mind n body.. this tat game keeps me kinda tensed up so imma work on that very hard. Come March, i’m gonna walk.. steadily.. n patiently through my work and continue to build the PopNation clothing line. I have a lot of tasks to complete and I’m so anxious to have the time to do them all once I’m out in April.  I hope this sense of time value never ever leaves me. Each second out that gate is so valuable to me.

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