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Building Momentum.

In order to do something big for the future for everybody to see… you gotta do all of the small tasks in the beginning that nobody sees.

I’ve put a lot of time into organically developing this brand. Now with the ( domain is in my possession, the website is starting to be built, and the trademarking process underway, we are starting to gain traction and fine tune the direction in which we are headed.

So much time has been spent on training my mind to be a task master.  I’m always looking for the next mountain to climb… and I do not feel like I’m in a rush at all. Things are unfolding beautifully on their own time.  I feel like I have just been a witness to events and conversations taking place with perfect timing.  A friend of mine, Devon Greene contacted me asking if I would sponsor a basketball tournament that he’s running to support the fight against breast cancer in turn for promoting the brand on everything involved with the tournament’s marketing. Also, my little sister, Cierra is a phenomenal basketball player and she’s playing in a 25-team tournament in July. The people running the tournament have also asked us to provide the apparel and sponsor the event. And to top it off,  a woman named Bobbie who runs a non-profit organization called My Mother’s Dream has been working hard to build a community center in downtown Chandler, kind of like an urban YMCA.. and we are working together to provide a service with a brand attached to it.  I plan on helping at the community center once its built, giving testimony or teaching a class and promoting the (idea basis) of POP NATION. #position-of-promise.

It’s an abundance of blessings. These are all events that have come unexpectedly and tie in directly with the idea of our brand.  I’m making the transition into my job being my lifestyle, and my lifestyle being my job…

-Question: Hey Michael!! are you working today??

-Answer: Is my heart beating?

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