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First Few Days Out.

I cannot believe how much extra time i have now that I’m out of jail.  i haven’t stopped working.. i’ve gotten some tattoos in each day since I’ve been out and i’ve stayed up late each night… playing… for the first time in half a year! lol.. nothin big.. just a few BBQ’s and kickbacks.. my friends came in from cali and were a treat to have come thru.

But now its back to work.. i can see how time passes without even taking notice.. i want to keep dedicating time to myself at night.. except at my home… and not in jail. I have a HUUUGE agenda to knock out… and I’m excited. The cameras just got installed into the shop so the blog is about to get waaay better… POPNATION.COM is ready to launch next week. So stay updated. I appreciate everybody’s support and want to give back. Y’all gonna see.

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