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Japan On Deck.

17 months ago, Daniel Sin and I were running The Loved and Hated.  We were doing US to the fullest extent and meeting tons of new, interesting people.

One of my pre-existing clients introduced me to a friend named Andre, who was interested in a tattoo of an altered Jeet Kun Do Bruce Lee logo for his company.

I quickly learned that he was from the east coast but had spent many years in Asia, and ran a successful JKD martial arts studio in Taiwan.. and he spoke more of his experiences out there.

I had always yearned to visit the East. Asian culture, kung fu, the scenery, the history, the art… Always been a fan… But the actual experience of visiting seemed so untouchable.

But here was the opportunity. He said he would help, and he believed I would do very well out there. He recommended I hit japan first, and that it would set the foundation for traveling about out there.

So, the next day I filed for my passport, got the money together for a flight to japan… and told everybody I talked to….. This was 17 months ago.

I had 2 pending cases with the state of Arizona… it had been over a year since the incident… and the papers didn’t come through the mail till I was ready to go… NO TRIP… instead: Lawyer fees, court, jail, work furlough, probation. I figured the opportunity was lost.

17 months later… I get a call from a 404 number.. “Mike this is Dre, how you been I been trying to get a hold of you!”

Fast forward»» The trip is on… hopefully for real this time.

I got a list of things to accomplish before I leave in the fall… and I’ve learned so much while trying to complete this list.

I feel so blessed. God above can make ways when you feel there is no way I promise you.  Never on schedule.. but always on time.. I’m happy with whatever happens.

@bobbyfresh… check the flight times n get@me

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