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My Last Day of Jail

149 days down.. 1 day to go.

I must say I’m not as excited or antsy as I thought I would be.  No doubt I’m ready to be out. I just moved into my new place and it feels good to sit on my furniture again. People have been so supportive and I’m very grateful. My family and I have gotten so much closer over these past five months…. that’s been the best part of all this.  The second best part  of all this has been my increase in time management skills; I’ve become much more efficient and relaxed. I feel so calm it’s ridiculous!!! With so much going on my life has become conceptually so much simpler. My best artwork thus far has been done over the past 5 months. and third best, the people I’ve come to meet and get to know. My boy PK, and Aaron; I hope to stay in contact with these guys for a while….

This POPNATION gig is on its way.  I can’t help but get excited about it. But now is the time to work. It’s fulfilling to be pursuing something other than tattooing and while – at the moment – it’s just a hobby, it has been a valuable extension of my efforts.  I feel like I’ve been handling a bulk of the leg work as far as content goes, which is fine with me because I’m learning, and I’m establishing some relationships that I foresee being mutually beneficial.

INKRAFT STUDIOS has undergone some upgrades. I’m Lovin it! Everybody seems to be loving it. The crew thinks it’s a pretty interesting place to be, so I’ve paid to install five HD cameras into the shop so we can start video blogging some of the everyday life that takes place in there so you guys can enjoy it as much as we do. Stay Updated.

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