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Proud Moments

I’m so proud of everybody.. These past months we’ve all made some huge gains.

First and foremost I gotta give a strong shoutout to my broskie & p.i.c, Xavier “Mookie” Smith! I dont even have to think twice about Inkraft Studios being supplied with what it needs for us to do our job. I have no worries being out of the country for a month I know he gonna hold it down n make some artistic gains while im gone. You’re way more than a homie!

Shoutout to Zy Owens and his wife, Kim, on having their beautiful baby girl “Londyn”. Also many thanks for having my back on the PN movement’s website and any other creative gains we’ve made. And for being such a good friend.

Swen! Shoutout! I know your plate’s been full but I’m sure you are holding it down can’t wait to make some huge gains after the school doors open.

Lani, we’re all super proud of u on getting that new job! And continuing to move forward with your own brand and ventures You’re a prime example of a good friend, a hustler, and what this popnation brand is all about. Thank you!

We got it good. Let’s keep doin what we do!

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