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Surprise is Expected.

Thinking a certain way, talking a certain way, acting a certain way, and being a certain way… they all come with a territory.  Be it bad or good, it is still to be expected.  Lately, i have been testing areas of my life by putting forth energy into certain aspects, and watching step by step how things have come to play out….  I’m never surprised.  In turn, i’ve been learning so much more about myself, n i’ve been much more introverted trying to learn what makes me WHO I AM.. gotta long way to go.. but if i’ve learned one thing, its this: Trusting My Instincts.

Never again will i interpret a lil “feeling” as something insignificant… I want to keep my heart soft and be wise enough to guard it with discernment… and see where it takes me. If i can do that, then taking the bad that comes with the good will be no sweat for me….. (hopefully). I know that no matter how flexible and prepared i try to be, I have to know that the potential to be blindsided by an unexpected force still exists.  In a nutshell: SHIT HAPPENS… i’m taking solo time out to prepare my mind for surprise..

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